SPC flooring can Installing on tiles

Can SPC Flooring Be Installed Over Tile?

I'm considering installing SPC flooring over my existing tile floor, but I'm not sure if it's possible or if I need to remove the tiles first. Some say that installing new flooring requires removing the old one to ensure a proper installation. So, do I need to remove the ceramic tiles before installing SPC flooring? I'm unsure and would appreciate some guidance on this matter.

Can SPC flooring be installed directly over ceramic tile? This is a common question many people ask. According to experts, in most cases, SPC flooring can indeed be installed over a dry, flat, and stable surface, including wood, concrete, and tile floors. This means that if your existing ceramic tile surface meets these requirements, you can install SPC flooring directly over it without the need for extensive removal work.

Before deciding to cover the existing ceramic tile, you'll need to ensure that the tile surface is flat without any uneven areas. If there are noticeable dips or bumps, it's advisable to repair them first to ensure a smooth installation of the new flooring. Additionally, ensure that the tile surface is dry and free from any water stains or moisture, which can be checked by inspecting for signs of seepage. If there is moisture present, you'll need to address this issue before proceeding with the installation to avoid affecting the performance of the new flooring.

Another consideration before installing SPC flooring over tile is the issue of floor height. Since SPC flooring tends to be thicker, installing it directly over existing tile may result in an increase in floor height, which could impact thresholds and the installation of other furniture. Therefore, it's recommended to measure the floor height beforehand to ensure that the overall height after installation meets expectations.


In most cases, SPC flooring can be installed directly over ceramic tile, provided that the tile surface is flat, dry, and meets the height requirements for installation. Before proceeding with the installation, it's best to undertake necessary preparation and seek professional advice to ensure the installation outcome and longevity.

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