Explanation of the use of school floors

Explanation of the use of school floors

Growing up on the road to health

(1)The ground coverage area of GILARDINO Floor Education involves classrooms, reading rooms, activity rooms, lecture rooms, walkways, stairs, lunch break rooms, toilets, training centers, and office areas.

(2)  Educational Ground Development and Environmental Issues

①   The first generation: cement, terrazzo

Hidden dirt, prone to bacteria, loud noise, poor sense and comfort.

②   The second generation: stone, floor tiles

Cold, hard, poor comfort.

③   The third generation: elastic floor

A new generation of products with comprehensive performance.

(3)The concept of health and environmental protection has become a common understanding of the society, especially in decoration.

Educational Ground Solutions Specialist - GILARDINO.

❶ Sound absorption and noise reduction 7 - 15db

❷ Excellent compressive resilience

❸ Anti-roller wear 30,000 rpm with no visible wear

❹ With antibacterial function, effective antibacterial 99%

❺ good hygiene

❻ All seamless

❼ Easy to clean and maintain

❽ Good chemical resistance

❾ Has antistatic properties

❿ Colorful and easy to build

⑪ Natural environmental protection zero formaldehyde

(4)Educational ground common problems and solutions

Problem 1: Scratches and scratches are easy to occur: Children in the school are easy to move, and scratches and scratches are easy to be caused by running and playing.

GILARDINO solution: the floor is strengthened as a whole, and the density of the wear-resistant layer is increased by 20%.

Question 2: The dents left after pressing the desks and chairs: Frequent movement of desks and chairs in the school will cause dents.

GILARDINO solution: increase the content of pure PVC, add a compressive and stable rebound layer, and improve the anti-static load and compressive capacity.

Problem 3: Sanitation of the floor: Children like to play on the floor, and microorganisms in the room can easily cause allergic diseases, such as asthma.

GILARDINO solution: provide molded wall corners to ensure the sterility and waterproofness of the ground, scientific color selection to avoid visual pollution, molded skirts can be provided, floor materials can extend all the way to the wall, and foot backing strips can be Provide effective support and solve health problems as a whole.

Question 4: Skirt and skirting problems

GILARDINO solution: provide scientific baseboard solutions.

Question 5: Stair slip resistance and ground stability

Stairs are a key area for slip and fall injuries, and they face countless stampedes every day and often encounter water.

GILARDINO solution: provide stair anti-slip strips and beading, non-slip, elastic, scientific color matching, seamless installation.

Question 6: The environmental protection of the floor

The harm caused by environmental protection in schools has long aroused social discussion.

GILARDINO solution:

Use recyclable and environmentally friendly materials;

The environmental protection of materials runs through the whole process;

GILARDINO initiated Life Cycle Assesments;

Obtained the China Green Ten Rings Environmental Protection Certification;

Content test of TVOC, the result in 28 days is less than or equal to 10μg/m;

Passed the EU Regulation - High Concern Hazardous Substances REACH -174 certification.

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