PVC floor suppliers can optimize the supply chain for customers

PVC floor suppliers can optimize the supply chain for customers

In the process of running a building materials store, will you encounter these problems when purchasing goods:

  1. No import experience?

  2. Worried about being cheated?

  3. Is the procurement process complicated and consumes profit margins?


Let us share our own case how we help customers solve problems.

Beginning in 2020, the new coronavirus began to sweep the world, and the global economy was affected. Mr. Barron from the Philippines has a large building materials store in the local area, which mainly sells PVC flooring. However, due to the impact of the epidemic and more intense market competition, it has an increasing impact on his profit margins. So he wants to directly cooperate with the source factories in China, skip the intermediate links, and increase profit margins.

Mr. Barron found us through the Internet. He expressed his concerns. Because we have no experience and don't know the specific international trade process, we can't trust us. In view of this, we have obtained the trust of Mr. Barron through the following channels.

  1. Video conference with Barron, let him directly see the real-time production situation of our factory.

  2. Answer all kinds of professional questions of Mr. Barron in time.

  3. Providecustomized servicesfor Mr. Barron's concerns.

  4. Optimize the procurement process, provide a data analysis table, and purchase from us, how much cost is expected to be saved.

  5. Provide DDP quotation and door-to-door service.


After a period of continuous communication, Mr. Barron gradually dispelled his concerns, and finally decided to place a trial order for a container for us. From the end of the trial order until now, orders for 4 containers have been placed to us every month. We have gained a high-quality customer, and Mr. Barron has also found a more helpful supplier, achieving a win-win result.

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