PVC office floor case

PVC office floor case

The office space is a place with a large flow of people, so the wear resistance, anti-indentation, sound absorption and sound insulation of the ground are very high. The PVC floor has undergone special treatment in these aspects and can meet the requirements.



the office will excessively wear on the ground, and the PVC floor for this, add a layer of high-tech processed TPU transparent wear-resistant layer to the surface, and the pattern is printed under the permanent transparent pure PVC wear-resistant layer that is wheeled.


the anti-indentability of PVC flooring, it is designed with an innovative compact extrusion process, which makes the floor's endurance stronger, durable, and uniform pressure points, and long-term use will not appear because of the placement of heavy objects on it and the problem of local sagging.


PVC plastic floor unique surface layer and dense bottom layer after seamless treatment, can fully play the role of sound absorption, sound insulation, can isolate low decibel noise, so as to solve the problem of noise troubles.

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