PVC Roll Flooring apply to kindergarten

PVC Roll Flooring apply to kindergarten

Kindergarten is a place that contains countless happy times for children, a space that belongs to the growth of countless children, and a place for countless children to experience collective life. The choice of kindergarten floor is particularly important, because it is related to whether thousands of children can grow up healthily. one of the factors.


As one of the education system - kindergarten, which kind of floor should be more suitable? What properties of the floor should be considered when installing the kindergarten floor? PVC roll floor, a floor worthy of installation in kindergarten!


The PVC floor of GILARDINO brand is a kind of floor that can be well-used in kindergartens, and its performance is not comparable to that of ordinary floors!



In kindergartens, the immunity of children is not yet very good. At this time, it is particularly important to maintain the environmental hygiene of the kindergarten. If the floor is easy to clean, it will become easier to maintain a good environmental hygiene environment. Helps keep the floor in a clean state.



In kindergarten, the activity level of children should not be underestimated. At this time, whether the floor of the kindergarten is wear-resistant is very important. If the floor is not wear-resistant, it is easy to wear and tear. Once the floor is worn, it will be to a certain extent. will affect the aesthetics.



In kindergartens, the safety of children is also particularly important. If the floor is not slippery, children are prone to fall, and the anti-slip performance of PVC flooring can greatly reduce the occurrence of this situation, in a sense It can improve the safety of children when walking.


※Environmental friendly

In kindergartens, children need to thrive in a safe and healthy environment, and it is particularly important to choose an environmentally friendly floor. The main raw material of PVC floor is polyvinyl chloride, which is an environmentally friendly and non-toxic renewable resource. In fact, polyvinyl chloride has been widely used in people's daily life. PVC floor is 100% free of toxic substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, 100% free of asbestos, free of heavy metal harmful fillers such as lead and mercury, and no radiation. It is a green and environmentally friendly decoration material. It is not necessary to install this type of floor. will cause harm to the human body.


Kindergarten, the place where countless children grow up, is a place that carries the future and hope. There needs to be higher requirements in the selection of flooring, and high-quality flooring should also be selected. PVC flooring can be used as a kindergarten flooring, and it is very Suitable for use in kindergartens.

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