WPC flooring suppliers tell you: why use WPC flooring for home improvement

WPC flooring suppliers tell you: why use WPC flooring for home improvement

If kindergarten is a place where countless children grow up, it is extremely important to choose a suitable flooring as a kindergarten flooring. Then, the family is also the place where countless children grow up. It is also very important to choose the floor when decorating the home, because it is related to one of the factors for the healthy growth of children to some extent. In the process of choosing a home improvement floor, choosing a WPC flooring will also be a good choice.



Since there is no formaldehyde-containing substance added in the raw materials and production process, the floor can become a "zero-formaldehyde flooring", and it is also a green and environmentally friendly floor in the true sense. This performance is very friendly to the growth of children, because there is almost no Harmful substances such as formaldehyde will be released.


Super anti-skid

The wear-resistant layer on the surface of the WPC flooring has special anti-slip properties. Compared with other common floor materials, the WPC flooring feels more astringent when it encounters water, and it is not easy to slip, which is the so-called more astringent when it encounters water. This feature can protect the safety of the elderly and children at home, and greatly reduce the possibility of falling due to wet and slippery floors.


Fire retardant

The fire resistance index of WPC floor can reach B1 level. B1 level means that the fire resistance performance is very good. The fire resistance performance of this level is second only to stone. WPC floor itself will not burn and can prevent burning. Therefore, choosing WPC Class B fireproof flooring can reduce potential safety hazards.



Since the main component of the WPC flooring is resin, which is a non-hydrophilic material, it has the performance of not being afraid of water, and it is almost not mildewed due to high humidity. Therefore, choosing a WPC waterproof flooring reduces the risk of bacterial growth to a certain extent. possible.


Antibacterial properties

The surface of the WPC flooring has undergone special antibacterial treatment, and the surface of the WPC floor ing has also added an antibacterial agent, which has a strong ability to kill most bacteria and inhibit the reproduction of bacteria, making the family environment more hygienic. In addition, because the WPC flooring is relatively simple to clean.


Fast installation and construction

The WPC flooring adopts locking technology. The installation method is similar to that of composite wood flooring. It only needs some simple steps to install and lay, and does not need to use cement, sand and other materials. It is a suitable for family members DIY flooring.


Wide variety of designs and colors

WPC flooring has a wide variety of designs and colors, and the texture of trees is reproduced. The texture is realistic and beautiful, the wood grain is clear, and the degree of restoration of the texture is extremely high. It can bring excellent visual effects when installed in the home.

WPC flooring is a flooring suitable for home decoration. Home is a place where you can relax. Of course, you must choose high-quality flooring! To choose a high-quality flooring, of course you must choose a reliable WPC floor ing manufacturer! To choose a reliable WPC flooring manufacturer, of course you must choose the GILARDINO brand!

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